McDavid MD 429 Knee Brace Support w/ Polycentric Hinges LEVEL 3

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McDavid Knee Brace Support with Metal Hinges

Product Description


Designed for the treatment of knee ligament injuries and cartilage tears, this hinged knee brace provides outstanding support and comfortable fit. The McDavid 429 Hinged Knee Brace provides outstanding knee protection. The 2 smooth-acting polycentric hinges contain gears which can accommodate the natural gliding action of the knee.

Hyper-extension stops and non-slip condyle pads give a customised fit for excellent support and comfort. A nylon-faced, neoprene sleeve provides therapeutic warmth, while a sewn-in patellar buttress helps correct patellar tracking and relieves some symptoms of patella tendonitis.


  • Long sleeve thick thermal neoprene sleeve
  • Geared polycentric hinges
  • Engineered top and bottom straps to ensure perfect fitment
  • Open 360 degrees padded buttress isolates and supports patella (knee cap)
  • Hyperextension stops
  • Condyle pads for enhanced fit and comfort
  • Bound edges to help prevent irritation
  • Suitable for most sports
  • 100% latex free
  • 4.8mm neoprene
  • Fits either left or right