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Welcome to Basketball Republic. 

Picture growing up in Australia in the early 90s, all the other kids at school would be following Cricket, Rugby League, Soccer and all we could think about was the next episode of NBA Action and watching the greats like MJ, Bird, Magic, Barkley, Olajuwon, Malone, Ewing... I could go on all day. When NBA Action wasn't on, we'd be shootin' hoops outdoors until the sun went down pretending to be like Mike, nailing that buzzer beater and imagining being featured on the Top 10 countdown. When we weren't ballin' and annoying the neighbours with the sound of a basketball dribbling well after sunset, we'd be trading Fleer Ultra or Upper Deck basketball cards and playing NBA Jam on Nintendo.

After highschool we all went to different universities, so figured what better way to stay in touch than to make a basketball team to stick together and man, that was the beginning of somethin' special. When we weren't playing competition basketball on the weekends, we'd be playing basketball at uni. Rain, hail or shine, we'd be playing until the lights were out. We knew exactly where all the courts were in Sydney and their lighting schedules. When it wasn't pickup ball, it was comp ball. After comp ball games we'd sit around and talk about the game for hours.

Not much has changed except we're all a bit older now, less athletic and slightly more injury prone, but our love of the game is as strong as ever. Heck, just ask our partners how much we love the game, to the point where PS3 and NBA 2KX is banned at our group gatherings!

So exactly who are we and what do we do?

We're an online basketball community which started out officially in November 2013 after 4 friends who were already ballin' together decided to combine our teamwork and passion on the court to an online dream team off the court. I say officially because unofficially the love of this game started from as long as we remember. 

We've made it our goal to bring you the latest on all the best and coolest basketball gear, tips and information about the game and anything that you ballers out there will love. Essentially, we want to make it the place for like minded individuals who love the game as much as we do. We've got big changes planned for our site over 2014-15, so stay tuned as we add more content and continue to cover everything dope in basketball and basketball culture.  

Oh, we sell stuff as well! 

Stocking 100% genuine products from Australian distributors, we hope to bring you the very best products, at great prices and with the service you would expect from a home grown Aussie retailer.

We're always expanding our range so if there's something you're after and we haven't listed it yet, simply hit us up at

From the team at Basketball Republic
Dan, Alf, Nik & Tony

Keep on ballin' Australia!

Team Basketball Republic