McDavid 421 Knee Patella Support Brace with Stay

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Patella Knee Brace For Basketball | McDavid 421 Brace

Product Description


A superior choice for sporting stability and protective active wear, the McDavid Knee Support with Stays is engineered to relieve and prevent pain associated with common sports related knee injuries. A durable neoprene construction provides a comfortable compressive feel for optimal muscle stability; while adjustable hook and loop closures deliver a quick customisable fit for personalised performance. The padded buttress around the patella ensures proper alignment and tracking with reinforced soft tissue support, and flexible steel stays up the sides prevent unwanted side-to-side movement for reinforced balance. Don't let minor sports injuries keep you sidelined. Stay athletic and active with the supportive McDavid Knee Support with Stays.


Level 2 product offers advanced protection

Provides structured support to prevent injury and encourage recovery

Durable neoprene (Latex free) construction provides a close compressive fit for optimal athletic stability

Adjustable Hook and Loop closures deliver a quick-fit and customizable compression and comfort

Comfortable padded buttress offers reinforced patella support for proper alignment and tracking

Flexible steel stays up the sides ensure reinforced side-to-side movement

Interchangeable design ensures versatile use on left or right leg

Great option for high intensity athletic support

Reinforced steel spring stays provide superior structured stability