Why choose the Spalding NBA Full Leather Game Ball

Why choose the Spalding NBA Full Leather Game Ball

Posted by The Basketball Professor on 4th Feb 2020

The Spalding NBA genuine full leather basketball is the flagship model from the Spalding lineup. For the longest time it has been the official supplier of the NBA and is a testament to the quality and workmanship that goes into producing this world class basketball.

The making of this ball all starts from the pursuit of the perfect material, Horween full grain leather. Horween is an American company that is known to produce nothing but the highest quality leather. Put this together with Spalding's stringent quality control measure you end up with a basketball that not only is the best money can buy but also carries the history of all the NBA legends that used this ball.

Straight out of the box you will notice the ball is slippery, lacks grip and has a "plastic-like" feel. Do not be fooled by this, this ball demands your blood, sweat and tears to be put into the ball in order to break it in and be game ball ready. You will even notice during NBA games they do not use brand new balls but rather used balls that have had hundreds of hours put into the ball. 

Please note this is a true indoor basketball. It is NOT to be used on outdoor courts. Please refer to our past blogs on taking care of leather basketballs.

So whether you want to shoot J's for downtown like Steph Curry or run that Pick'N Roll like Kobe (R.I.P) and Shaq this is the ball that will get you on the way.

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