Basketball Buying Guide

Posted by The Basketball Professor on 15th Sep 2014

Not all basketballs are created equal

At Basketball Republic we take the guess work out of buying a basketball.

Whether for yourself, your child or your competition, this guide shows you the right basketball for any age, level and playing style so you can concentrate on enjoying the game.


Sometimes size does matter.

The right basketball is usually determined by age and gender but other factors can also play a part.

1 – 7 7-11 11 – 14 14+
Male Size 3 Size 5 Size 6 Size 7
Female Size 3 Size 5 Size 6 Size 6

Note: You will notice some overlap between the age groups; because age and gender may not be only determinants. There will always be exceptions to the rule.

 Why the different sized balls?

 The varying sized balls for the age groups ensures proper technique and form is used when  learning how to play the game. 

 We want to make sure that kids develop their muscle memory in the right way and don’t develop  bad habits by trying to shoot a ball that is too big and heavy for them.

What are some other considerations?

  • Mixed basketball competitions across Australia use size 7 balls.
  • The majority of pick-up games around Australia use size 7 balls.
  • Some training camps use weighted balls that are heavier than your official size 7 basketball, but these are only used for training and not used in competition.

What is the official size and weight of balls of international competitions?

  • For all men’s competitions in all categories:
    • the circumference of the ball shall be between 749 mm - 780 mm (size 7); and 
    • the ball shall weigh between 567 g - 650 g.
  • For all women’s competitions in all categories:
    • the circumference of the ball shall be between 724 mm - 737 mm (size 6); and 
    • the ball shall weigh between 510 g - 567 g

- The official circumference and weight is provided courtesy of FIBA’s Official Basketball Rules 2012 -

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