ASO Original Ankle Stabilizer (with stays)

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Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer (with stays) in Black

Product Description

ASO Ankle Stabilizer (with stays)

ASO Classic (with Stays) is the ideal choice for the active person who needs an ankle brace to play sport after injury, during the rehab phase; when the athletic taping is not an option due to skin irritation; or to prevent injury for ankles prone to rolling over or twisting. Unique stabilizing straps replicate the stirrup effect of an athletic taping application, positioning the ankle at 90°.

Constructed from materials to ensure maximum comfort: mesh ankle liner contains lycra allowing the brace to stretch with motion. Plastic medial and lateral stays are removable as function improves. Reinforced with nylon webbing pockets, stays will remain in place for optimal support. Superior fit into a sport shoe. Available in black and white.

If you require more long term support, and do not require the graded option of removable stays, we recommend the ASO EVO Stabiliser ankle brace.

One of the most popular braces for the protection against and treatment of ankle sprains.

Features & Benefits:

  • Stabilizing straps: form figure-eight to protect and support ankle
  • Elastic cuff closure: enhances support from stabilizing straps and secures laces
  • Low profile: will fit in any type of shoe
  • Bilateral design: each size fits left or right foot
  • Ballistic nylon boot: provides tremendous strength and durability
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards

Each ankle brace is sold separately.

Machine wash gentle cycle, no bleach.  Air dry.

When measuring your Ankle Circumference, please refer to the image below to measure your ankle circumference around the heel.



Size Ankle (cm) Ankle (inches)
Small 28.0-30.5 11"-12"
Medium 30.6-33.0 12"-13"
Large 33.1-35.6 13"-14"