EVO Quatro Ankle Stabilizer

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MedSpec EVO Quatro Ankle Stabilizer

Product Description


The new ASO EVO Quatro ankle brace combines the innovative technology of the ASO EVO's strapping and cuff system with a low-profile design. It is the ideal stabilizer ankle brace for athletes or patients that will not tolerate any bulky materials inside their shoe, yet need strong ankle support. This brace is the ideal alternative to the ASO Classic (with stays) without the bulk of the lateral stays.

Recommended for medial or lateral ankle instability; subtalar joint instability; inversion or eversion ankle sprains; syndesmotic ankle sprains (high ankle sprains). 

Low profile design mid foot allows for unrestricted plantarflexion
Reduced coverage around the mid-foot than the ASO Classic and ASO EVO assists the brace to fit into work boots and safety boots. Unrestricted plantarflexion makes this an ideal ankle brace for sports that include jumping such as netball and basketball.

Stabilizing stirrup and straps
Patented self reinforced stabilizing strapping system captures the calcaneus (heel) and resists inversion or eversion of the ankle to help stabilize the talocrural and subtalar joints. 

Dynamic cuff
The ultra thin, plastic dynamic cuff works in concert with the strapping system to provide circumferential compression around the distal tibiofibular joint. Lined with: CoolFlexTM padding or improved comfort and SkinlocTM material to resist distal migration. 

Each ankle brace is sold separately.

Machine wash gentle cycle, no bleach.  Air dry.

For sizing
Can be worn on left or right foot. 
When measuring your Ankle Circumference, please refer to the image below to measure your ankle circumference around the heel.



Size Ankle (cm) Ankle (inches)
Extra Small 25-28 10"-11"
Small 28-30.5 11"-12"
Medium 30.5-33 12"-13"
Large 33-35.5 13"-14"

Extra Large 35.5-38 14"-15"