Spalding Neverflat HEXAGRIP Premium Indoor/Outdoor Size 7 Basketball

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Spalding Neverflat HEXAGRIP Basketballs Australia

Product Description

The Spalding NEVERFLAT® Basketball is the first ever ball with Pressure Retention Technologies and is the only ball
guaranteed to stay fully inflated for at least 1 year - 10x long er than traditional basketballs! Breakthrough technology
dramatically increases pressure retention so you are Always Ready to Play!

Premium composite cover with new Hexagon
pattern pebbling. Wide channel design for instant

Maintenance-Free Performance

No need to add additional air during
the first year period. 

No Seepage
New membrane and NitroFlate™
air technologies virtually eliminate
air seepage.

Exceptional Feel
Utilises top level composite leather
for exceptional grip and control.

Bounce Height Consistency
Ball is calibrated to match the
Official NBA Game ball bounce

No Leakage
Redesigned Valve with cap eliminates
leaks and keeps dirt out.