Spalding Hercules 50" Portable System

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Spalding Hercules 50" Portable System

Product Description

SPALDING Hercules 50" Portable Basketball System

This genuine Spalding basketball system is suitable for all aussie backyards.  Whether you are perfecting your game or using it to compliment your six burner, this system is a must have for all young ballers.   Easy to set up without any tools.  


Board Material: Acrylic backboard material has a very realistic bounce.

Board Size: 1.27 m backboard size.

Lift Type: Exacta Height Lift system allows custom adjustment of ring height. Height ranges from 2.3 m to 3.05 m

Base: 140 Litre base to be filled with sand or water for a strong and stable base

Rim: Heavy duty Pro Slam ring.  Spring loaded to handle the nastiest dunk you can dish out.

Height: Adjustment: 7.5" - 10" (2.3m - 3.05) - ranges from "mum, I can dunk" to "just leave it to the professionals"

Assembly Time: Approximately 1-2 hours - varies widely depending on box opening technique